Who is Wonder Mommy?

It’s me. It’s you. It’s that woman at the deli who has a screaming toddler under one arm, is hoisting two gallons of milk onto the counter with the other, and is conducting an interview on her cellphone which is propped between her shoulder and her ear. Great Scot! This truly is a job for a superhero.

The beauty of being a Wonder Mommy is that we don’t have to wear the cape all the time. In fact, I’ve designed  Mommy Hacks  to help streamline regular parenting activities so that you can be more present and engaging with your children (and with yourself, too).

If you’ve ever wondered...

  • How do I instill good values in my child?
  • How do I hold onto my full identity even when motherhood demands so much of me?
  • How can I “find time” to work on my career or my relationships?
  • Exactly when will my breasts stop hurting?!

You have come to the right place.

Underneath these Mommy suits, we are people who walk among the living. In a single bound, we can go from a sleepless night of intermittent nursing to walking down the street to grab a coffee (pay no attention to the vomit stains on our shoulders). 

I am Jamie Parganos: mother of two, founder of Mommy Hacks and head writer over on the Wonder Mommy blog. I care about being a great mom, and I care about who I am when I’m not wearing the mommy cape. Who's with me?

Hang on to your cape! Mommy Hacks to the rescue.